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How Much Is A Book Of Stamps?

With the recent postal rate increases in January of 2012, the question on your mind is “how much is a book of stamps?”  The U.S. Postal Service implemented a postal rate increase on January 22, 2012, taking the price of a first class stamp from 44-cents up to 45-cents.  A so-called “book” of stamps now costs $9.00, and contains twenty first-class stamps, while a block of ten first-class stamps is $4.50.  That’s a 20-cent increase.

The Forever Stamps Option

The U.S.P.S. Forever stamp is also available under the new 45-cent rate.  These stamps have an advantage for consumers: convenience.  The Forever stamp basically rules out the need to use two-cent stamps when there is a postal increase.  That’s because the Forever stamp can always be used for U.S. First Class postage, regardless of when it is purchased.  If you bought a stock of Forever stamps when they were first introduced in 2007, you can still use them to mail the same first class letter today, in 2012, without adding any additional postage.

The Forever stamp is available in books of twenty stamps and in 100-stamp rolls, and allows the Postal Service to tap into cash now for stamps that may not be used for years.  Moreover, employees do not have to deal with two-cent stamps.  The Postal Service also saves money by not needing to print out those extra stamps.  For these reasons, Forever stamps make a lot of sense for both the consumer and the U.S.P.S.

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